Our stories are (or will be) a collection of accounts of personal experiences with depression. Some people find that writing about their depression is helpful, a way of pulling together an experience and then moving on from it. For some, reading about the experiences of others can be helpful. Knowing that others are going through the same thing, and having the same feelings can be comforting.

Neither of these will work for everyone, if you feel uncomfortable with this idea then you shouldn't participate, it's only good if it helps in some way. But if you would like to share your story, or read those of others, this is where to start.

When you are ready to, you can make your page typing into box below. Use this format for the best result:
User:username/My story (changing "username" for the name you use to log in).

To add the new page to this category, type: [[Category:Our stories]] at the bottom of the page.

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