• Nancyvinci92

    I broke up with my boyfriend whom I have been dating for the last five years. I was really serious  about him. At a point we were thinking about marriage, kids, and future cities had all been laid out before us. But I don’t know what happened last month. He started to maintain a distance from me. The last conversation was completely heartbreaking, and it was a day before I was set to leave town for a while to visit family. It broke my heart. While on the way to the airport, he told about his partner and I ended up punching him. I never doubted him. He cheated on me. Now I'm not able to do my works or anything. I feel like I'm completely lost. I have heard about medical marijuana treatment from a friend which is suitable for depression.…

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  • Karenalbert34

    Totally stressed out

    October 21, 2018 by Karenalbert34

    Hello all!! I am working as an assistant in the legal department in Mississauga. I have tons of shifts and I use to work throughout the day and night. The only thing keeping me awake is coffee while troubled with a severe headache. But these days my headache is unbearable. I have at least 2-3 massive headaches every week. I am totally fed up. I tried different medications and nothing could help me. The worst part is that I can't work when I get these headaches and this reflects in my work as well. As my work got pending I'm too much tensed and due to stress my stomach is getting upset. Yesterday night my aunt phoned me and she suggested me about acupuncture therapy. She shared me a link of an article which was all about the acupuncture the…

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  • Nancycarter94

    I have been using a CPAP machine while sleeping for more than two years. It was difficult for me to breathe when I had sinus, that was I started using the machine. But I fear I'm losing my breathing capacity at night. It feels like I can't breathe properly with the CPAP. I tried to stop using the I'm forced to use it. But this is only when I lie down at night. Rest of the day I'm totally fine. Is this some kind of phobia that I have at night?

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  • Cindy.Ingraham

    Hi All,I was struggling with my own mental health. I really wish there is mental health education. Throughout the school, we have a lot of discussion and talks and classes for drugs, alcohol, internet safety and sex education. What about mental health? The chances of many students like me struggling without knowing the consequences. Luckily for me, my mum picked up on it. Well, that won't be the case for everyone. In my case, she got noticed in my change of behaviour and activity. So she contacted the nearby clinic and got an appointment. Where the doctor diagnosed my condition and suggest me to be apart of Neurofeedback training . It has various assessments and training program which does have very much improvement in me. Why I haven't he…

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  • Buddyhughes

    Being a single parent is twice the work, twice the stress and twice the tears, but also twice the hugs, twice the love, twice the pride. It wasn't an easy time after her father left but I was determined that I will raise her with pride and courage. Lately, I have been noticing some difference in her behaviours she is feeling tired, not at all active being refusal to go to school these behaviour changes triggered very amount worries in my mind. I was called up to the school one day. The teacher was quite worried where she tells me concerns about my daughter regarding a lack of focus in the class. She says her mind is somewhere else she is just a body in the class. After a couple of research and suggestions, I came up to a medication consult…

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  • Heather45russel


    April 30, 2018 by Heather45russel

    Hi everyone, I am suffering from Metatarsalgia. I was having severe pain in my foot. After diagnosis doctor said that it may be because of my overweight and my age. But when my child looked at my legs, he found that I am having a high arch. When I told this to my doctor he said about trying a custom orthotics from a clinic in Thornhill . I am totally confused whether to have this custom orthotics or not. I heard that applying ice to the area several times a day, each time for 15 to 20 minutes with the ice wrapped can help in reduction of the pain! Keeping pressure off the feet, and keeping the feet up when resting are another method to reduce my pain! I am doing it right now, but my pain is not reducing. So, is wearing the custom orthotics…

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  • Newnanacyll

    Hi, my kid has one of her teeth damages.We have noticed it six months before and we took her to the dental clinic nearby. But that visit was really scary for her. They tried to their maximum, but she was scared about the dental tools and she was crying like anything. So we kept the dental matter aside for 6 months. But now the cavity has developed and almost one-fourth of the tooth is missing.  Last day I told about this to my friend. She told me to try sedation dentistry from a clinic in Mississauga . I am planning to take my kid to that clinic. I thought of taking root canal treatment for that tooth. But is that necessary for the baby tooth? But I don't know how to take her to the dentist. She gets scared and worried whenever I mention t…

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  • Meliros

    Health and wellness

    January 19, 2018 by Meliros

    Hi, I am very concerned about my health. To be frank I am over concerned about my health. My brother is doing his 12 grade now. His girl friend's brother was dating me. But later we broke up. But now my brother came to know about our breakup and he used to tease me saying about it. Initially, I was okay with his teasing. But now I get irritated. From few days I used to sit simply and think about my ex-boyfriend. This is making me feel bad. I want to be alone now. I am not able to spend time with anyone. I am happy when I sit alone in my room. I feel better if its dark. Last day my best friend came home. I was not ready to talk with her. She was very upset. She told me to visit a health and wellness center in North York . Will this clinic c…

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  • Leorre

    Depression because of Cancer

    January 11, 2018 by Leorre

    Hi, I am suffering from cancer. I am in the second stage. I know that the chance of recovery is very less. I undergo IV chemotherapy once in 2 weeks. I have done five out of six chemotherapy. But I find a big difference in my health. After each chemotherapy, my energy level is going down. I am a person who was hyperactive and make my children smile every time. But after undergoing this chemotherapy I am not able to do that. This makes me feel very bad. Along with that, I am in big tension that will I be able to recover from this cancer or not. I want to get relieved from this. When I told about my situation my friend suggested undergoing biofeedback procedure from a clinic in Toronto . But I am in a big confusion. Are there any issues in u…

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  • Era234


    January 2, 2018 by Era234

    Hi, my friend met with a car accident last month. She was injured very badly. Her list of injuries was long. She broke 12 bones in her neck (cervical 5-7), back (thoracic 3-5 and lumbar 1-3), right ribs, left hip, and right heel. She had 4 surgeries, and 38 inches of her intestines removed. We thought that we will lose her. But somehow she returned. During her hospital stay, she lost a significant amount of muscle mass, and she wore a cervical collar and brace around her spine and chest. She also had a cast on her right foot and leg. Now we are planning to shift her to some rehabilitation center. One of my friends suggested about physiotherapy rehabilitation from a clinic in Mississauga . Will this rehabilitation helps her to come back? Wi…

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  • Maryer3625

    Hi, I am an 8th-grade student. I was happy until last month. I was having very supportive mom and dad. They always considered me as their first priority. My friends used to get jealous of me as I was lucky enough to get them. From last month my parents are not even concerned about me. Till that my mom used to prepare delicious food for me. But now she is not finding time for that. Once I am back from my school, I can see that my parents sitting in front of their laptops. Initially, I thought they were busy with their work, but later I understood that it was not their work, they were busy gambling. I thought that let them play it. But last day they were fighting each other. From the conversation, I understood that, they have lost  lot of mo…

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  • Mary3625

    Side effects of Prozag

    December 20, 2017 by Mary3625

    Hi, I am on medication for depression. I am having Prozac 20mg. After having this tablet I am shoving terrible physical and emotional symptoms. I know that, I started this medication to reduce my depression but now it has adversely affected me. I started Prozac 3 weeks ago. I feel that this medicine has caused anxiety and major loss of appetite along with nausea. From last 5 days, I am taking Doxepin but it is causing dizziness. As the result of these medications, I am anxious about my mental state. I am planning to undergo cognitive therapy for depression from a clinic in Toronto Will this treatment also have side effects?  I have lost my sleep for last one month. How long will it take to cure?  Is there any medication required for this t…

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  • Riz12

    OCD- need help

    December 7, 2017 by Riz12

    Hi, I am Riz. I have given birth to two daughters. My OCD came evident after giving birth to my second kid. The delivery of my second kid was a bit complicating. After giving birth to her, I was hospitalized with internal bleeding. After the treatment, I was anxious about death and different kinds of health issues. I was not that happy. I was not able to give proper care to my children because of this anxiety. When I was in my 6th grade, I had similar anxiety about my handwriting, whether it was nice and will the teacher scold me for the bad handwriting. When I spoke about this to my family doctor, he said that there is a chance for the obsessive cognitive disorder. So he suggested undergoing OCD therapy from a clinic in Toronto ( http://w…

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  • Simsilikesims

    Online support groups

    November 18, 2017 by Simsilikesims

    When looking for a support group online, be sure to choose carefully. You can find online support groups through a search engine, or through social media sites like Facebook. One advantage and disadvantage of Facebook is that most people use their real names there. You can get advice on medications,  advice for coping with stress, and advice on dealing with situations that cause stress. However, you should be careful which situations you share with the group since it could be shared outside the group, or potentially viewed by someone outside the group. 

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  • Lexiroyal14

    new website

    August 13, 2013 by Lexiroyal14

    hey i'm Lexiroyal,

    i have created a website that is to help people with depression, you can put your experiences on it and you can aso talk to people that have gone through/ are going through what you are going through and will try to help you any way possibel, if youy want to join please go to this website:

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  • ARoleModel

    Hi there everybody. To give you a brief into to myself; Ive suffered from mental problems in the past which I have spent a very great deal of time learning to fight against. In my time Ive covered the whole plethora of self help, NLP, learned a lot about psychology, religion and spirituality and more. I now post my thoughts on depression (among other things) and tools against depression on my site

    I hope you might be able to find there some exercises that might help you. I know not everyone is able to help themselves without meds and do certainly hope meds work out well, but Im personally more interested in self help and psychological tools people can use against depression and that is what I post most.

    Take your time to have…

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  • Loli-Wordgirl1

    Gonna watch avatar

    February 12, 2010 by Loli-Wordgirl1

    Well I am going to go watch Avatar for my support group I join, Now I can see what the halubuloo is all abot. I wish I enjoy it. Wish me luck. :3

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  • Loli-Wordgirl1

    Le sigh

    January 5, 2010 by Loli-Wordgirl1

    New years has come to it's 2010. Cool huh. Hope everyone has a good year. :3

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  • Loli-Wordgirl1

    well hello

    December 21, 2009 by Loli-Wordgirl1

    well christmas is almost coming and I'm all done with my christmas shopping. How about you did you get those last minute shopping gifts out of the way. If you did cool. Oh yeah and I'm making progress with my depression and I feel little better. I'm pretty much in between but it's okay I'm getting there. :)

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  • Tollerach

    Here are my answers to the questions at Step 1 workbook exercises

    1. Wow, this is a tough place to start. Admitting that I am powerless over my depression isn't an easy thing to do. It means to me that I am not in control. That can be a very scary way to think about things. Luckily for me, this isn't the first time that I've reflected on this statement. I've also come to realize that this admission can actually be empowering if you think about it the right way. If I take a moment to set aside my pride, I realize that since depression out of my control, and I can spend my energy on things I can change. I am depressed, and I can't snap my fingers and change that. My life is out of control. I've lost my job, my girlfriend, and my friends…
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  • Tollerach


    August 23, 2009 by Tollerach

    I think I'm going to use this blog for completing some of the workbooks I have online. I hope this allow people to see my process and possibly use the exercises I have found as well. Tollerach (talk) 01:17, 23 August 2009 (UTC)

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